Digital Planners

Digital Planners

Digital Weight Loss Planner.

I’ve put together a series of digital planners for anyone who loves their tablet or phone. The series includes: weight loss planner; student planner; budget planner and a meal planner.

Here’s what’s included with the weight loss planner:

Index Page with navigation tabs, quick notes board and reminders, includes:
-12-week fitness plan
-Daily fitness planner
-Weekly fitness planner
-Daily meal planner
-Weekly meal planner
-Recipes section to jot down your own recipes
-Habit tracker
-Body tracker
-Weight tracker
-Weekly wellness chart
-Notes Pages (dotted/lined/graph)
250 pages

This planner has a fully hyperlinked structure, clickable tabs and buttons for easy planning and navigation. Use this planner to take notes, plan your workouts, manage meal plans, set goals, and achieve your sport results.

👍Includes a free copy of my Ultimate Keto Recipes eBook. 107 pages of delicious Starters, Soups, Mains, Desserts and Snacks.

Download it now, here’s the link. Enjoy!!👍👌👏🍖

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